Lessons and practices are held at the Fountain Valley School, the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), and occasionally at Colorado College and the Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics Center. The USAFA Natatorium is one of best diving facilities in the country with two 1-meter springboards, two 3-meter springboards, and 1m, 5m, 7.5m, and 10m platforms. We also use the dryland training room at USAFA for dryland and dryboard training before lessons and practices.

Directions to these locations are below.

Directions to the USAFA Cadet Gymnasium:

  • Enter through the USAFA North Gate.
  • Proceed down North Gate Boulevard for approximately two miles.
  • Turn left onto Parade Loop. Proceed for half a mile.
  • Turn right onto Field House Drive. In less than half a mile, the Field
  • House will be on your right (26 on bottom map). Park in front of the Field House.
  • The USAFA Natatorium is in the Cadet Gymnasium (28 on bottom map), west of the Field House and north of the tennis courts (29 on bottom map).

Directions to the USAFA Natatorium:

  • Enter the Cadet Gymnasium. Take the ramp going down.
  • Proceed through the doors and go right.
  • Continue down the hallway. The entrance to the pool is on the left. Locker rooms are available for divers across from the diving well (girls) and at the far end of the swimming pool (boys). Parents may watch from the stands by using the staircase just to the right of the pool entrance.

Directions to the Dryland Training Room in the USAFA Cadet Gymnasium:

  • Follow the preceding directions to the natatorium, but instead of entering the pool, turn left at the end of the hall.
  • Proceed down the hallway parallel to the swimming pool. (Go west.)
  • Go all the way to the end of the hall.
  • At the very end, take the stairs down one flight.
  • At the bottom the stairs, go right through the doors.
  • The dryland training room is on your left.

Map Source: https://www.academyadmissions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Academy-Maps.pdf
Compass Source: http://www.signnetwork.com/images/P/4-01.jpg

Directions to Schlessman Natatorium at Colorado College:

  • Schlessman Natatorium is located in the El Pomar Sports Center on the Colorado College campus.
  • The address is 44 W. Cache La Poudre Street, 80903.
  • From North Cascade Avenue, go west on Cache La Poudre.
  • The natatorium is on the right, west of Honnen Ice Arena and east of Monument Creek.

Note that the only available (legal) parking is parallel street parking, which can be a challenge at times. Parents may drop their athletes off at the entrance to the pool. Please be respectful of parking regulations and do not park illegally in the handicapped spots or in the lot for the Bemis School of Art.

Directions to the Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics Center:

  • The Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics Center is located on the Cheyenne Mountain High School campus.
  • The address is 1200 Cresta Road, 80906.
  • The Aquatics Center is on the south side of the campus (see map below).
  • When CSDC practices are held, they are during open swim. There is admission fee for open swim, but you do not need to pay it. Look for a CSDC sign-in sheet, and we pay for all admissions fees at the end of practice.