Learn-to-Dive / Pay-As-You Go Lessons Fees:

One Lesson: $30 (55 minutes)

Monthly Payments:
Monthly payments are offered at a reduced price over drop-in fees and cannot be pro-rated. The exact number of lessons will vary each month depending on how the days of the week fall during that month. Please remember that a “short” month one month means there will be a “long” one that follows.¬†Monthly payments are good from the date of receipt of payment through the last day of the month. In the event that you cannot make a lesson, we will work with you to find a make-up time, but cannot guarantee it.¬†

One lesson per week: $100

Two lessons per week: $160

J.O. Fees and Tuition: 

Joining Fee: $200

Travel Fee (first or second half): $250

Ascent Monthly Tuition: $200

Summit Monthly Tuition (3x / week): $250

Summit Monthly Tuition (4x / week): $300