* 2018 Qualifier to USA Diving J.O Nationals on 1m and 3m *

Recruiting Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNDVBKz9ITU

Video of Additional Dives: 

Competitive Dive Lists:

1m optionals: 105b, 203b, 303b, 403b, 5233d/5333d

3m optionals: 105b/107c, 205b, 305b, 405c, 5235d/5335d/5136d

Platform: 103b (10m), 401b (7.5m), 612b (10m), 5251b (10m), 105b (5m/7.5m), 6241b (10m), 303c (5m), 405c (7.5m), 5235d (7.5m)

Working on (have done before): 305c (1m), 5152b (3m), 107c (10m), 205b (7.5m)

Dive Meets Results: 

Last Updated: 08.29.18

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